Could your pet be causing your eye allergies?

Your pets are your little darlings, aren’t they? They would barely cause you harm, they love you too much too. However, many pet owners are oblivious to the reality that some of the allergies they suffer could be caused by their pets. But what are typical eye allergies?

Eye allergies, more particularly termed allergic conjunctivitis, can be demonstrated at the early stages of eye irritations. Thus, you could experience things like redness of the eye, itching, swollen eyelids, black circles and even sensitivity to light. In most cases, allergies can be incited by pollen, mold spores, dust mites and the like. But for now, let us look a little closer at some of the eye allergies which could be triggered by your lovely pet.

In most natural conditions, an animal in possession of feathers and furs has the propensity to spark off allergic reactions in you. In the United States, for example, over 60% of households have pets. Now, this can be heavily connected to the proliferation of pet dander in our homes. Thus, it is easily understandable why most of the eye allergies we suffer are caused by eye dander.

More than this, the protein congested in the saliva of your pet is a chief culprit in the causation of allergies. Just to clear the air puffed by some misrepresented propaganda, the fur of your pet isn’t particularly an allergen. To make it clearer, it is the dust, the mold or the pollen trapped in their furs that offset the allergic reactions you experience. This also can be extended to the feathers of your birds.

Now, you may want to know how you can control or protect yourself from some of these eye allergies caused by your pets. Definitely, the best option wouldn’t be to banish your pets from your lives. One of the first steps to take in clamping down on such eye allergies prompted by intimate exposure to our pets is to make our homes free of allergens. Thus, you would need to clean the rug more intensely, as well as you upholstery, carpets and generally anywhere that your pet dander can hide and accumulate. In the case of cat owners, ensure high hygienic conditions of the litter boxes. Vacuum religiously and enhance with high-efficiency particulate arresting filters other known as HEPA filters making sure to regularly deploy an air purifier.

There are also simpler things you could do like making sure you wash your hands after you have handled your pet. Also, meet a good vet and get products that could clamp down on the accumulation of dander in your home. And, if you typically bathe or brush your pets regularly, try to do it outdoors as much as possible.

Why all these may look like some hectic duties, eye allergies are not the best experiences you should have. Your pet is worth the trouble, no?

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