Give Me Sight Foundation John Haines

Dr. Haines, Board Certified Ophthalmologist
Founder and President
Give Me Sight Foundation

For over 25 years, Dr. Haines has passionately donated his time, energy, and expertise as an ophthalmologist by undertaking cataract removal missions in developing countries. For all these years, Dr. Haines has supported his missions at his own personal expense. After continued requests by patients to help him in supporting his missions, Dr. Haines and his wife, Joy, founded the Give Me Sight Foundation in 2012. The Foundation’s primary goal is to provide medical equipment and training to expand the gift of sight to the cataract blind, worldwide.

Dr. Haines specializes in LASIK refractive surgery, no-stich cataract surgery and lens implantation. He also treats diseases of the eye, such as glaucoma and eye conditions due to diabetes. Dr. Haines is dedicated to continuing medical education and often speaks at conferences on such topics as ocular genetics, refractive surgery, and neuro-ophthalmology. He has published numerous papers in ophthalmology journals and other health forums.

When Dr. Haines has the opportunity, you can find him wondering around a guitar shop or practicing his music – whether it is for the next “Night for Sight”, in support of his foundation’s mission, or just for his own musical growth.

“The overwhelming joy of watching someone see their family and loved ones for the first time – sometimes in decades – underscores the importance of our missions. We are honored by the faith and trust placed in our hands by these beautiful people.” – Dr. John Haines


Joy1Joy Haines, R.N.
Co-Founder and Vice Chair
Give Me Sight Foundation

Joy Haines and her husband founded the Give Me Sight Foundation in 2012. As a R.N. working in surgical specialties in California and Oregon for 30 + years, she takes a hands-on approach to the GMSF’s medical missions. Her extensive travels throughout Asia have given her a deep understanding of the plight of those served by the work of the Foundation. Joy’s business degree from NWCU aids in the governance and stewardship of the GMSF. She collaborates closely with the other trustees to engage the community and promote the GMSF’s mission, both here and abroad. Joy is passionate about reaching out to the families being served during the medical missions. She believes that respecting other cultures begins with understanding their richly lived traditions. Joy is committed to continuing the invaluable work of the Foundation and bringing awareness of the approximately 35 million cataract blind worldwide to our community and beyond.

“The cataract blind are dependent on their families for survival.  Giving them the gift of sight not only helps the patient but removes the need for a caregiver. This has a twofold effect: The patient regains freedom and independence; the caregiver is freed to become a contributing member of the family.” – Joy Haines


Dr. Rebecca Armour, MD
Give Me Sight Foundation

Dr. Armour is an ophthalmologist in Portland, Oregon at EyeHealth Northwest. Dr. Armour’s passion is improving sight through cataract surgery. She is a graduate of Calvin College, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, and Casey Eye Institute Oregon Health and Science University residency program.
During her time as Clinical Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at OHSU, she trained surgical ophthalmology residents in advanced cataract techniques and served as Associate Residency Program Director. She also developed the ophthalmology curriculum for OHSU medical students as Director of Medical Student Education in Ophthalmology. At OHSU she received Distinguished Service Awards and Teaching Awards.

Portland Monthly Magazine named Dr. Armour one of Portland’s Top Doctors in 2014 and 2017. Dr. Armour is an Examiner for the American Board of Ophthalmology. Her area of interest and expertise is cataract surgery in patients with complex eye disease.

“It is a true honor for me to be able to walk along with our patients and help them lead a fuller life with improved vision. One of my life goals is to use my skills to help people in areas of the world where vision-restoring cataract surgery is not available. No one can accomplish these things alone. But by partnering with the local medical community and with the teamwork of donors, organizers, volunteers, nurses, and doctors, incredible work can be done!” – Dr. Rebecca Armour


Maggie02Maggie Carlson, R.N.
Secretary and Trustee
Give Me Sight Foundation

Maggie Carlson’s involvement with the Give Me Sight Foundation and its medical mission began in 2012. She has worked with GMSF founder, Dr. Haines, for over 20 years as a registered nurse.  As OR manager of the Oregon Eye Surgery Center’s operating room, Maggie’s organizational skills are put to optimal use while volunteering for the GMSF’s medical missions. Her tireless preparation of the missions allows for a seamless rollout on the surgical day, allowing more efficiency and thus maximizing the number of surgeries performed and sight restored. In addition to her work as a R.N., Maggie has been actively involved as a board member in several non-profit organizations. The GMSF annual fundraiser, “Night for Sight”, has greatly benefited from her continued experience in other non-profit fundraising. We are fortunate to have her on our board and are grateful for her many donated hours.

“Even though I have organized the trip before, each year I still am profoundly surprised when the mountains of generous medical donations come in from the community, our loyal patients, the ophthalmic companies and humanitarian organizations. They make it possible for us to provide quality, state of the art surgical services to the underserved in developing countries.” – Maggie Carlson


Matt Classen, M.B.A.
Give Me Sight Foundation

Matt Classen is a business consultant specializing in creating organizational cultures of excellence. He was first hired by Dr. Haines to revitalize his private practices. As a part of that project, Matt agreed to deliver pro bono work to help build the Give Me Sight Foundation, as well as deliver a consistent and coherent communication strategy that would help attract and sustain community engagement.

Matt was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon and graduated from the University of Oregon. In 2001 he moved to the Netherlands to study for an MBA. After graduation, he found a position in corporate strategy and policy for Deutsche Telekom AG in Bonn, Germany. In 2007 he moved to Oslo, Norway to found his own consulting business providing services as diverse as innovation processes, business development, brand development, communication strategy and change management.

In November, 2014, Matt moved back to Eugene, Oregon to be closer to his family and to found a business consultancy. Matt is executive producer of the GMSF 2016 documentary, which features Dr. Haines’ 25th annual mission to Thailand and Myanmar.

There is no higher honor than using one’s limited time on this planet than to serve the greater good. The Give Me Sight Foundation is a mechanism for exactly that – and I am privileged to be involved in helping to improve the quality of life for people I’ll never meet, the world over.” – Matt Classen


Andy Nelson, Photojournalist
Give Me Sight Foundation

Andy Nelson is a documentary filmmaker, photojournalist and multimedia storyteller. He was the producer and director of “Give Me Sight,” the documentary film about Dr. Haines and the Give Me Sight Foundation’s work in Myanmar.

Nelson has worked as a staff photographer at The Register-Guard newspaper in Eugene since 2014. Before returning to Eugene, he was the R.M. Seaton Professional Journalism Chair at Kansas State University from 2010 to 2014. Prior to his appointment at K-State, Nelson was an independent photojournalist and multimedia producer based in Bangkok, Thailand. From 1997 to 2008, he was the Washington, DC-based staff photographer for The Christian Science Monitor where he covered stories in more than 30 countries, including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, tsunami recovery efforts in Indonesia and Sri Lanka, three U.S. presidential campaigns, the impeachment hearings of President Bill Clinton and numerous feature stories throughout the United States and worldwide. Nelson was a staff photographer at The Register-Guard newspaper in Eugene, Oregon from 1988 to 1997. 

His work has won awards in the prestigious Pictures of the Year competition as well as the White House News Photographers Association annual contest.



Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 9.10.46 PMSarah Weaver, M.A.
Foundation Development
Give Me Sight Foundation

Sarah Weaver has dedicated most of her professional life to being involved in projects aimed at creating better communities. She began her career in community development nearly three decades ago as Public Relations Director for The European Union’s Second Programme to Combat Poverty. Subsequently she lived and worked in Germany for twenty years as a management consultant for non-profit agencies. She also provided leadership in assisting small to medium sized businesses to grow and flourish. During these years, Sarah became skilled at helping companies to survive in changing economies. With a B.A. from the University of Oregon and an M.A. from Georg August University, Göttingen, Germany, Sarah has a solid background in research and analysis, providing her with the basis for her work in non-profit development. Upon her return to Oregon from Germany, Sarah immediately sought and found opportunities to assist non-profit agencies. She became a board member of a local non-profit, while also serving as a volunteer for a local women’s shelter and for the Lane County Public Health Department.

“It is an honor to offer the skills I have acquired professionally to ongoing efforts to assist both national and international communities in need. Being a part of Dr. and Mrs. Haines’ medical mission—even in a small way—gives me a great sense of accomplishment. Their volunteer work to restore vision to the cataract blind is truly inspiring.” – Sarah Weaver