The Give Me Sight Foundation Mission Statement is our guiding light in all we do. After all, the gift of eyesight is precious, yet there are 39+ million people worldwide enduring loss of vision and/or blindness. The main causes of blindness worldwide are cataracts, but with surgery, vision can be restored. Not having access to basic eye care, or a lack of means to pay for eye care costs overall dramatically affects quality of life. The ability to see family, loved ones, friends, and the beauty of natural surroundings, as well as the ability to accomplish basic life tasks and/or support oneself increases the quality of life as well as the ability to thrive.


Our principle mission is to bring the gift and beauty of eyesight to as many medically underserved people around the world as possible. Furthermore, we will continuously endeavor to deliver this care with the highest level of quality to, and with the deepest empathy and respect for, all whom we serve. To accompany this principle mission, GMSF continuously strive to:

  1. Work with, or to provide, the best equipment possible
  2. Bring a highly qualified team of professionals on all our missions
  3. Educate and train local doctors/nurses/technicians to continue our work on a permanent basis.
  4. Facilitate improved international relations through acting as ‘Ambassadors for Eyesight’
  5. Engage in, and highlight, cultural exchanges that benefit our world, both locally and globally.
  6. Bring inspiration and joy into the lives of others

Surgical Focus Areas

  1. Cataract removal with intraocular lens implants
  2. Pterygium
  3. Strabismus

Strategic Growth – Internationally and Locally

The Give Me Sight Foundation is still a growing organization. In the near-term, we will continue focusing our resources on our international work. However, as we grow our organization, we have a very clear view to eventually providing eye care assistance to people residing in our local community. While we do not yet have specific details about what we can offer, we look forward to keeping the community up-to-date as to our progress in this regard. To remain apprised as to our progress, please follow us on Facebook.com/givemesight.org.

Give Me Sight Foundation mission statement