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Give Me Sight documentary

Give Me Sight Documentary

Taking place in Myanmar, the Give Me Sight documentary follows three cataract-afflicted Burmese people as they make their way from their respective farms, villages and homes to the Tipitaka Eye Hospital. There they have their cataracts removed, free of charge, by Dr. John Haines and his long-time friend and fellow ophthalmologist, Dr. Somsran Watanachote from Bangkok, Thailand.

Give Me Sight has been met with critical acclaim, winning the Best Documentary Feature award from the Oregon International Film Awards and Honorable Mention from The International Independent Film Awards.

This is a moving and inspirational story that gives an in-depth look at why the work of Dr. Haines and the Give Me Sight Foundation is so important to restoring quality of life and sense of self-worth to people around the world. You may watch this fascinating and documentary below.

Media Coverage

While the Give Me Sight documentary team was filming Dr. Haines’ 25th annual mission in Myanmar, we were also sending behind-the-scenes video to our friends at KEZI News who provided two weeks of fantastic daily coverage. Each day had a different story and the content was amazing. Whether it was footage from local communities, interviews with high-ranking Buddhist monks, or video shot via drone as it passed over Buddhist temples, the coverage we got from KEZI was amazing! We owe deep thanks to Jennifer Richardson and Bob Schaper for their keen eye for compelling stories, and how they could translate ours into such amazing coverage! For a compilation of the coverage they provided, check out the below video:

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