An Email Update From Dr. Armour to Dr. Haines

Dr. Rebecca Armour joined the Give Me Sight Foundation earlier this year. She is passionately busy in going on cataract removal surgeries around the world and facilitating continuing education with for doctors and doctors-in-training.

Dr. Armour recently sent the following email to express good news and updates on her efforts on behalf of the Give Me Sight Foundation. We want to share this email with you:


Dear John,

I hope all is well with you and your family! I have thought of you often lately, especially since I’ve seen a few of your patients who have since moved to Portland. It’s fun to share those patients.

The kids are back in school. And Sam is still growing growing growing.

I had dinner about a month ago with 3 biomedical engineers from Tipitaka who were spending a month doing training at Casey. I recognized two of them from our trip. They were the ones who helped fix the operating microscope. They were getting training at Casey about repairing instruments. They also raved about the new autoclave.

Casey is also hosting two junior attendings from the Mandalay hospital. They have come to Casey for a month to specifically learn how to do ultrasounds and get uveitis training. The two of them are coming over to our house for dinner tomorrow so we can discuss their phaco training. Their names are Shoon Lae Nay Chi and Khaingzar Yushein. I’ll learn more tomorrow.

I wanted to touch base with you about the potential trip for 2020, the where and the when. Last time we talked I think you said Dr. Somsran was still figuring it out.

Let me know if there are any moves towards a more definite time or location. I’ll look forward to seeing you Nov. 22! I just sent Maggie an email about the timing of the day so I can block my clinic to make sure and get there in time from Portland.



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