We Are Continuously Active Throughout the World! How?

The Give Me Sight Foundation was initially founded to raise funding to support Dr. John Haines’ annual cataract-removal missions around the world. These missions have been amazingly helpful in restoring lives to people who have been cataract-blind, sometimes for as long as decades.

Fast-forward to 2019 and our nonprofit has gotten so much community support that we are now able to provide eye care both domestically and internationally all year round! Here are just a few recent examples:

Dr. Rebecca Amour in Both American and Western Samoa

Last year, we were thrilled to welcome Dr. Rebecca Amour as a member of our Board of Trustees. Dr. Amour is an ophthalmologist in Portland, Oregon at EyeHealth Northwest and has been named as one of Portland’s Top Doctors in 2014 and 2017 by Portland Monthly Magazine.

Dr. Amour is currently in Western Samoa to provide eye care procedures free of charge! Before Western Samoa, Dr. Amour was in American Samoa to provide surgeries as well.

Stay tuned for next month’s article where we get some of the stories of Dr. Amour’s mission to both of these islands in the South Pacific!

Donated to Four Corners IOLs $20,000 to the Moran Eye Institute

In 2018, our Board of Trustees voted unanimously to donate $20,000 to the Moran Eye Center’s International and Local Outreach program. Moran provides free eye care for native American populations living in the four corners area of the United States, as well as for populations abroad, with a current endeavor being in Ethiopia. This allows us to help people in need of eye care right here in the United States, as well as in Africa!

Providing Supplies and Surgical Equipment for Missions in Asia

Dr. Haines has been a long-time friend and colleague with Thai ophthalmologist, Dr. Somsran Watanachote. Dr. Watanachote has been named Asia’s best doctor – twice – and is the head of the People Eye Care Foundation (PECF). Dr. Watanachote conducts almost monthly eye missions with her team in their own backyard of Asia. Countries include Thailand and Myanmar.

Over the last several years, the Give Me Sight Foundation has provided PECF with tens of thousands of dollars in both supplies and surgical equipment to conduct their free eye care. This allows us to continuously use our know-how and resources to help the cataract blind in Thailand and Myanmar!

Please Donate to Our Cause!

If you are inspired by our nonprofit’s mission, please make a tax-deductible donation to our cause today. As we wrote in a previous article, a simple $5 donation will return the gift of sight to a person who is cataract-blind with little hope of regaining eyesight. To donate, simply click here!