Ways to Maintain the Health of Your Eyes as You Age

Aging is quite a process. With the congratulatory screams of happy birthdays and cake cutting merriment, you privately get the fact that life goes by fast, and the aging process cannot be stopped. Your vision undoubtedly deteriorates as you age, but being old doesn’t necessarily imply you need to suffer poor vision. Let us take a look at some health tips that can help you adequately maintain the health of your vision as you age.

Eating Healthily

The fact is the power of food to your general health can’t be overemphasized. It is candid to say that you are as healthy as the quality of the foods you eat. More than your health, your choice of food is also intimately connected to your vision. Therefore with a conscious and well-planned diet, you can keep your eyesight in reasonably good condition for as long as it is possible. Now, you may want to ask what foods precisely you can eat that would help your eyes as you get older.

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Well, taking a clue from the American Academy of Ophthalmology, foods like salmon, black-eyed peas, oranges, and kale are very good for your vision as much as good for the health of your heart. Therefore you should deliberately try to integrate this food into your diet as you age. More than these listed foods, which contain a significant amount of the betacarotene and lutein, foods like sweet potatoes, apricots as well as carrots should be a part of a consistent diet.


Our whole planet needs the sun, no argument about that. But certainly, an excessive amount of exposure to the ultraviolet rays regularly pouring from the sun is not the best for your eyes, especially as you age. A sustained and uncontrolled exposure to these said dangerous sun rays makes your eyes vulnerable to cataracts as you get older. Sunglasses can be a great addition here in protecting you from these sun rays. Therefore, being a senior, make sure to wear your sunglasses during your outdoor adventures, and especially when the sun is bright. Moreover, sunglasses have the added advantage of offering vital protection to that delicate skin surrounding your eyes.

Less Screen Time

Yes, we know you are notoriously tech savvy! You are so affectionately stuck to your smartphone, your iPad as well as your laptop. But the truth it is not very healthy for your eyes to be sustainably fixated on these device screens. As you get older, your eyes easily develop eye strain from a sustained fixation on electronic screens even as far as your TV screens. Of course, we are saying you should fearfully abandon them all and go back to the Stone Age where there was no technology. No. There is the 20-20-20 rule you should keep to. What is this? It means for every 20 minutes that you fix your gaze on your screens, ensure to take a break of 20 seconds of distraction where you look away from your original focus, looking away at another thing at a minimum of 20 feet away. This will go a long way in regulating the eye strain piled on your eyes.

These three simple suggestions will be a step in the right direction towards ensuring that your eyesight keeps in great condition as you age. Most importantly, makes sure to schedule regular visits to your eye doctor, even if you don’t seem to have any vision related issues.

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