Are High-end Sunglasses Really Necessary to Protect Your Eyes?

Stylish sunglasses embellish your appearance with finesse and class. What’s more, during summer, sunglasses are almost a regular apparel for your outings. Whether we wear them to impress other or to impress ourselves, sunglasses can say a lot about your personality.

The blinding sun during summer is something to be aware of, especially the UV rays being emitted which are significantly harmful to your eyes. However, in the society we live in today, you would expect sunglasses equally to have classes as well – the normal everyday sunglasses which are more of the gas station glasses and the high-end sunglasses. Now pertaining to the protection of your eyes (which is the primary function of these glasses in the first place), you may be wondering which does a better job between the gas station glasses and the high-end glasses. That is with eye protection essentially in mind, is the acquisition of high-end glasses over the gas station type economically justified?

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The truth is we tend to place a bigger emphasis on the attraction and the flair of the style or brand of our sunglasses rather than its suitability for its fundamental responsibility of eye protection. The reality, however, remains that a sustained overexposure of your eyes to UV can harm your eyes, even triggering the formation of yellow spots on the white portion of your eye. Such a situation is termed in the medical parlance as pinguecula. Moreover, the same sustained exposure of your eyes to sunlight (that is these UV rays) can cause macular degeneration as well as cataracts, which are undeniably bad news for your long-term vision, especially for the propensity of these eye conditions to cause blurred vision. Now having established this, do high-end sunglasses do a commendable job in keeping your eyes protected?

Yes, high-end sunglasses give you quality and assuredness of protection for your eyes. One beautiful thing about high-end sunglasses is that they are fortified with lenses which are very helpful in polarization. Thus they are very proficient in filtering out reflected light. This would be excellently helpful for the health of your eyes. Some of these high-end sunglasses also come with mirrored coating thereby cutting down sufficiently on the amount of light that penetrates your eyes. There is still the other advantage of anti-reflective coating which are reasonably embedded on the lenses’ back (in these high-end sunglasses) that also chop down on the quantity of light which bounces off the back of these lenses, with the light possibly permeating your eyes.

Having validated your choice of acquiring high-end sunglasses, you must keep close to heart to watch out for the complete UV coverage from these sunglasses. Ideally, you should go for those with a sticker denoting UV 400. This indicates complete coverage from UVB and UVA lights which is the same as hundred percent UV protection.

Depending on what you have to spend, there are a variety of these sunglasses that match your budget. It would even be more optimal if you see the professional services of an optometrist when getting one of these.

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