Protective Eyewear For Your Sporting Activities

Sport is recreational and thoroughly enjoyable. But one important aspect to keep in mind in your sporting activities is that protective eyewear for certain sports is critical. In hockey, there is the flying puck to worry about. Golf could also be a sport to consider for protective eyewear as well. Therefore the need can’t be overemphasized for you to protect your eyes in the course of your recreational activities.

protective eyewear
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When playing sports, we obviously need the use of our vision. Without doubt, your eyes are in big need of protection. There is your cornea to worry about as it is the first layer of defense for your eyes; and on the extensive dimension, you can imagine retinal damage sustained during sports possibly from baseballs, racquetballs or the like, especially if they’re traveling at high speed. In all, we definitely need sports eyewear during our sports activities; most especially for children. Now, you could be asking what type of eyewear would be benificial for your sports activities.

There are a variety of sports goggles for a wide variety of sporting activities. The way it operates is that there is a distinct American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) code for each sport. Snow sports, for example, would demand ski goggles which are reasonably tinted. There are swimming goggles for swimmers which would adequately protect your eyes from the consequences of chlorine. As a basketball player, you could also make do of some googles as well. The case of rampant injuries to basketball players between the age of 15-24 is not uncommon. For more physically exerting sports like hockey, full guarded face masks can be of immense protective advantage to your eyes.

Basically, sports eyewear has the foremost design of protecting your eyes from physical injury. Most of these lenses are produced from polycarbonate. These materials can survive impact ten times more than plastics, which means they have a lesser propensity to cracking and shattering. Moreover, considering their wrap-around style, their protection from UV rays are added advantages.

protective eyewear
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Prescription glasses are not very common in sports as they offer very meager protection. Moreover, in face of their high vulnerability to shattering and breakage, these glasses are relatively expensive. More appropriately, if you have to use your prescription glasses, you could do better by wearing a face-guard over your prescription glasses.

In all, negligence is a common precursor to regrets. So, by all means stay away from casually brushing aside the dangers your eyes are exposed to when you do sports by taking a concrete step to protect your eyes with a protective eyewear.

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