Are Eyelash Extensions Dangerous For Your Eyes?

As a woman, there is the understanding that you don’t always have a lot of time to get ready in the morning. This even means that you may not have to to use your eyelash curler. Therefore, there is the alternative to use an eyelash extension. It thus explains the recent increase in the use of eyelash extensions. Now, we are going to look at the implication of these eyelash extensions to the health of your eyes. We will be learning how safe these extensions are for your eyes. First, before we delve further, let us take some time to introductorily learn about the most common varieties of eyelash extensions out there today.

On a common note, there exists three very popular variations of eyelash extensions. These are the mink type, the silk and lastly the synthetic. The length of eyelash extensions also varies too. Commonly such lashes range from 6 millimeters all the way to 17 millimeters. The convention for using these eyelash extensions is an application by means of a special formulation of permanent glue. Having said all this, let us look at what this means for the health of your eyes. Starting with, what happens if this glue possibly sneaks into your eyes?

First, you should maintain maximum caution to prevent that no amount of this glue into your eyes. However, this glue is made such that there is minimal irritation and allergic irritation to your eyes, as well as negligible damage to your natural eyelashes.

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You should take reasonable precautions to make sure that the glue meets this standard. You should try to make sure that this glue is extensively devoid of formaldehyde. In some cases, you could be allergic to glue – nonetheless, this doesn’t establish the foundation that glue is inherently dangerous.

The next big question is whether eyelash extensions cause damage to the eyes? Basically, eyelash extensions, if applied appropriately, will not cause blindness. So long as you keep your eyes shut through the exercise of fixing the extensions. Cases of allergies are prevalent but this is no concrete reason for worry. In some instances, you can also experience forceps wounds as well as other reactions to the solvents deployed in the process of removing the extension. You can also react to the tape used for holding your eyelids during the procedures for fixing the extension. But all these are not enough to cause blindness.

Eyelash extensions have the advantage of increasing the airflow to your eye surface. Fuller eyelashes even replicate a fan-like effect when you blink your eyes. This is helpful to your eyes which assists in reducing your susceptibility to dry eyes. Eyelash extensions have been found to protect your eyes from debris, dust and even wind. Having said all this, it is important to point out here that the optimal length for your eyelash extension is one-third the width of your eye. The place of caution cannot, all the same, be overemphasized. If you have any questions, make sure to consult your eye doctor.

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