Is Green Tea For Your Eyes

Green tea has proven to be an extremely powerful antioxidant of immense benefits to your general wellbeing, most particularly for your eyes. The reality is that our eyes are relatively more susceptible to oxidative stress, this therefore bolsters the argument that green tea has tremendous ocular benefits for us. Looking inwards, green tea contains a rich bank of polyphenols that go a long way in reducing inflammation of the eyes. More than this the catechins contained in green tea has a high rate of absorption by your eye tissues. Not many antioxidants can boast of this advantage.

You may be really curious to know why your eyes desperately need antioxidants. First, your eye contains a lot of small structures cutting through small blood vessels, your eye muscles, your retina and a host of other microscopic tissues. These said tissues, unfortunately, have an alarming level of vulnerability and it is more concerning that your eyes need these tissues for their best health. Any damage to them and your vision could feel a significant impact.

Free radicals have the enormous propensity of wreaking havoc on these eye tissues. These radicals are well produced by naturally occurring oxidation processes in your body.  Forthwith the oxidative stress resulting from this is not good for your eyes and can trigger eye diseases. Worse still, the food you eat also contributes to the oxidative stress. Therefore, these antioxidants are very helpful in fighting free radicals, thereby reducing your risk of having eye conditions like glaucoma, retina nerve disorders as well as macular degeneration.

The good news as said is that green tea is rich in these valuable antioxidants containing Vitamin E and Vitamin C. Other valuable antioxidants contained in green tea include zeaxanthin and lutein. It is also worthy of note that green tea densely contains polyphenol (of which catechin is included) which has such amorous antioxidant benefits.  Let us look better at these catechins in green tea and how they help your eyes.

Catechins are transported to your eyes from your digestive system. They play a great role in protecting your eyes from damage resulting from ultra-violet B light.  This also protects your eyes (precisely your retina) from the damage of hydrogen peroxide which is similar to oxidation. At this point, you may want to know what amount of this appraised green tea is safe to drink.

On a standard, you can drink a minimum of three cups on a daily basis, two cups a day is also fine. When you brew your green tea, you should use boiled water which has been reasonably cooled to under 175 degrees Fahrenheit. This would help cut down on the bitterness enhancing the taste. You can also sweeten your green tea with milk or even stevia.

Now, get out there and enjoy some green tea, knowing that it has great benefits not only to your overall health, but more specifically your eyes as well!

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