How Good Is Air Conditioning for Your Eyes in the Office?

In modern work environments, productivity is well tied to the comfortability of the office. This explains why many office spaces are equipped with centralized air conditioners. Air conditioners are famous for their capacity to produce cool temperatures which can be admittedly relieving. While this may aid with being comfortable, air conditioners are not without health drawbacks, most especially for your eyes. Even more unfortunately, many of us are unaware of the harm the unhealthy use of air conditioners pose to our eyes, most particularly for the artificial temperature they create.

Many of us have noticed a susceptibility to falling ill after working for a reasonably stretched period under a significantly air-conditioned environment. Naturally, a sustained exposure to such air-conditioned environments has a debilitating effect on your immune system. In retrospect, this doesn’t leave your eyes unhurt.

What effect would air conditioner really leave on you and your eyes?

Looking crucially at the situation here, we see that air conditioners are unforgivable culprits in promulgating dry eyes, irritation of your eyes, redness of your eyes and even recurrent headaches. How possible is this? First air conditioners are notorious for lowering the humidity of the office. This is one assured harbinger of evaporative dry eyes. Now, with the temperature sliding down, courtesy of your energetic air conditioner, the meibomian glands in your eyes struggle to secrete the required amount of oils needed to prevent the tears that coat your eyes from hastily evaporating.

In addition, looking more into the health drawbacks of air conditioning, AC in some scenarios transmit molds, which throws the door open to a bacteria habitation as well as virus infestation. All these could cause inflammation in your eyes, as well as in your body as a whole.

While not necessarily life-threatening, some of the ill effects of air conditioners don’t only permeate our eyes, but our general well-being might be reduced. Some of the latter effects of air conditioners extend into osteoporosis, skin allergies, respiratory disorders, fatigue, and skin dryness. The sad thing is, people generally tend to brush these effects aside as less important.

What is the way out?

While this doesn’t mean you should discard your air conditioner fearfully into the garbage. There are at least some precautions you can take in such densely air conditioned work environments so as to protect your eyes. First, you could try to get more coverage for your body. If possible, expose as little skin as appropriate. Also, try to limit the intensity of the effect of the air conditioner on you.

In other cases, you can try to ensure room temperature. It is advisable that you set the temperature to more than 23 degrees Celsius. In addition to this, considering the fact that air conditioners lower the humidity of the office, you can keep water in strategic positions of the office – preferably the corners. The idea here is that water evaporating over time in your workspace might improve the general humidity of the workplace, and reduce the negative effects of air conditioning.

Also, a wise tactic when working in these air condition tight offices is to keep yourself reasonably hydrated. Drink more fluids, preferably those that do not have loads of added sugar (or sweet substance like high fructose corn syrup. However don’t voraciously consume tea or coffee. Looking at the optimal daily dosage, somewhere between 2.5 liters and 3 liters of fluid would do for a day.

In conclusion, don’t forget that when you use air conditioners for long, they are likely to develop molds and bacteria as said. This could breed infections while effusing a pugnacious smell. It is thus important to carry out periodic maintenance on the air conditioner in your office. Should you be already suffering dryness in your eyes, you can use lubricant drops as well as anti-inflammatory medications. Try to visit your doctor if such eye conditions persist.

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