Is Your Child Struggling With His/Her Glasses? How To Help

For many children facing eye problems, eyeglasses present a ready solution. The truth is early childhood is such a bubbling period of a child’s life. There is so much fun and social activity that they need to partake in, which makes clear vision important to their development.

Contact lenses are not bad for kids but it is generally prescribed that you start them out with eyeglasses first. The reality is that not every child finds it enjoyable wearing eyeglasses. For some, it is stigmatizing that they have to wear eyeglasses when the rest of their peers run around freely with no glasses. It could deteriorate even further that the apathy for these glasses condenses to a trauma making a child feel very reluctant to wear them at all.

However, as the parent or guardian, you can judiciously help in smoothing out the process, assisting your kid in acclimatizing to his or her glasses. In time, they will get used to their glasses and come to possibly love them, no longer seeing them as a handicap. In addition to telling your child how great they look in their glasses, the following are additional suggestions for you to keep in mind:

Remind them that child icons wear glasses too

First you have to help your kids understand that wearing glasses doesn’t diminish them in any way. Help them see the beauty in the glasses so that they learn to love and appreciate them. How? By showing them glasses are cool, of course. Show them some big names that are famously associated with glasses. There are quite a handful of them that readily don glasses so, you’ll have many to choose from. Harry Potter is one such celebrity. On the girl side, there is Taylor Swift and her customary glasses.

Make sure the glasses are a good fit

Now moving on from the mental dimension of getting used to glasses, your child still needs to feel physically comfortable with their glasses. Make sure to appropriately adjust the glasses so that they feel comfortable on their eyes. Avoid the glasses that put pressure their eyes, cause friction, or pinches the bridge of their nose.

Regular use = becoming a habit

Also, help your kid cultivate the habit of wearing his glasses more regularly. If possible make sure they wear them with excitement in the morning! Of course, avoid overtly trying to force your child to wear the glasses. Allow them to get used to it. With time, wearing the glasses will become a part of daily life.

Your eye doctor has some helpful suggestions

Finally, consult the help of your eye doctor. Much of the time your eye care professional will have a few helpful tips in getting your child wearing glasses as seemlessly as possible.

Getting new specs can sometimes be a high leap for your child that may take some to finally get used to. The journey to getting them very comfortable on their glasses is a process where the tiny pieces will add up to one whole sum. In time, you would see your kid jumping all about with their glasses happily on.

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