Which Helps Your Vision More: Your Ophthalmologist Or Your Meals?

While it is not improper to be paying visits to your eue doctor for regular eye checkups, you have to take into consideration that it is not entirely only your visits to the eye doctor that are keeping your eyesight in good condition.

A lot to the health of your eyes comes from the food you eat. You can definitely eat your way to healthy vision. While it is a common condition for our eyes to deteriorate as we age and become vulnerable to cataracts, there are certain meals that preserve our vision and keep our eyes well in health as the birthdays keep coming. Let’s examine some of those meals.

Vitamin E

With age comes certain ailments like macular degeneration. However, Vitamin E is famous for its reputation to help mitigate the former. This is because of its hefty composition of antioxidants. There are a number of foods are rich in Vitamin E that will help your vision. Some of these foods include grapeseed, almonds, avocado, and spinach are a few examples.

Vitamin C will always help your eyes

When we talk about Vitamin C, what first comes to your mind? Oranges right? Well oranges are agreeably rich in Vitamin C. But it is not only orange you could resort to when you are on the hunt for Vitamin C. You have strawberries too coming in as a reliable bank of Vitamin C. Also taking it further, you have your grapefruits as a trustworthy source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is important for your eyesight. Most particularly foods containing vitamin C are loyal lieutenants ready to battle cataracts. Therefore, it would be helpful to include a planned diet consisting of all these into your meals from time to time. For a list of foods rich in Vitamin C, click here.

Carotenoids may not be popular but you need them for your eyes

Definitely, when it comes to carotenoids, your eyes scream for them as they are very helpful. Many are not conscious of the fact that we have carotenoids in plants that are edible for humans. Talking about these plant foods that you can source your carotenoids from, you have your sweet potatoes, kale, carrots and tomatoes. Not only that, you also have your pumpkins and other leafy greens. They are rich in the composition of carotenoids which are helpful in combating cataracts. For a list of foods high in carotenoids, click here.

Eat more of foods composited of high antioxidants

We will restate here that foods containing high antioxidant compounds are very helpful for your vision. The bigger good news is that when you go shopping in a grocery store for these foods, they are readily available for your ready consumption. You are certainly not going to have problems buying citruses, or your normal red fruits, as well as vegetables which are known to be made up of a great amount of antioxidants. Goji berries and chocolate high in cacao are also tasty forms of getting antioxidants, so go out and enjoy your health!

Having established all these, we see that a conscientiously planned diet incorporating all these mentioned foods in the appropriate proportion can be as helpful as a visit to your optometrists. However, none can ideally substitute each other, you both need these meals and your optometrist.

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