How Can You Protect Your Vision As You Age?

It is common for your lens to shed some of its flexibility as you age. Thus, you may notice some difficulty in shifting your focus from long distance objects to those close to you. In other cases, with old age come eye defects like glaucoma, dry eyes, and cataracts. However, you can protect your eyes as you get older, keeping them healthy for as long as possible. Let us look at some of the tips you can deploy to protect your eyesight as old age sets in.

The first thing you could easily do to protect your vision is to maintain an active and bubbling life. As you age, try to get involved in the life’s happenings as much as possible. People who live segmented and isolated lives as they get older tend to easily develop eye problems compared to those who are social and active. Go to fun places, share excitement with family and loved ones, even meeting new people; just keep living to the fullest despite being a senior.

Moving from your level of activity, a major part of the health of your vision concerns the food you eat. You must learn to eat healthily as you age. Your diet goes a long way to prevent the occurrence of eye conditions like macular degeneration. So what foods would be great for your health? You can try sweet potatoes, wild salmon, leafy greens with high levels of lutein (like kale and chard). They have a good quantity of nutrients that will extensively help your eyes.

Also, good eye vision still has a lot to do with good habits, most particularly smoking. Smoking is naturally bad for your eyes, and at old age, your eyes get very vulnerable to damage from smoking. In addition to dangers it poses to your eyes, there is still the alarming threat it constitutes to your heart and lungs.

UV rays are also not good for your eyes, especially when you get older. It is an invitation to damage your eyes when you look directly at the sun. In the longer term, even sunlight (however indirect) harms your eyes and you should make sure to use protection. How can you do this? By wearing sunglasses, of course! Not just your normal sunglasses, but sunglasses precisely with UV protection. Not to forget that light emission from your electronic devices wouldn’t be the most helpful as you grow old. Try to limit to the minimal your usage of tablets, laptops and most especially your smartphone. Constant exposure to these prompts strain on the eyes and could actually lead to macular degeneration..

And lastly, you should always keep preemptive vigilance on your eyes. Plan regular eye checkups and possibly have a stable optometrist you can readily access. Good vision is worth all the stress and caution, after all!

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