Is the Health of Your Eyes Connected to the Health of Your Heart?

The heart and the eyes are two crucially important organs of the human body. Even more mesmerizing is the way that these two organs are related and interwoven. Is that hard to believe? Well, let us delve into this topic and at the end of this article you will have a better understanding of how the health of the heart and the eyes is inextricably interconnected.

The connection between your eyes and your heart is remarkable, as heart diseases in most cases can offset vision disorders on the long run while cardiac abnormalities can be adequately detected through the eyes. Indeed, the eyes become not only the window to the mind but to the heart as well! Most particularly, the eye is uniquely one of those areas in the human body where a complete and accurate visualization of the blood vessels can be obtained. These vessels, as found in the vascularized retina, are very susceptible to heart conditions like hypertension as well as being vulnerable to macular degeneration. Heart conditions, as mentioned, can be rightly diagnosed with a sufficient retina examination.

Talking about hypertension in particular, this cardiovascular hitch can increase the susceptibility of the patient’s eyes to a ranging spectrum of eye problems. One uncontested way to know when someone is running high on blood pressure is by discovering notable changes in the way the retina vessels appear. Most especially, when hypertension is in its early formative stages, these vascular changes in the eye of the patients are significantly peculiar. More precisely, the abnormality can be picked out from the distortion in the way they cross each other. In most cases, these arteriolar vessels get narrower, or in other situations we find the formation of infarcts in the retina of the patient.

Delving a bit further into the metabolism behind these narrowing vessels, we can see that the narrowing carotid artery is an offset of atherosclerotic plaque. This increases your predisposition to stroke as well as increasing the probability of your retina arteriole becoming blocked. All these would culminate in the deterioration of your vision. This causes a worrisome shortage in the supply of blood to the retina, eventually resulting in cutting down the functionality of the eye resembling a stroke in the eye.

Also, the risk factors of eye diseases (like the macular degeneration), as well as heart conditions, are interconnected. These interconnected risk factors cut through conditions like obesity, high cholesterol levels, smoking, and others. Also when you protect yourself from heart conditions, you invariably protect yourself from eye conditions. When you abscond from smoking, you protect your heart while also protecting your eyes. Smoking has been found as the major causative factor behind macular degeneration and most heart diseases.

Also when you eat great meals wealthy in leafy greens, fruits, and omega-3 fatty acids, as well as vegetables, you simultaneously improve the health of your heart as well as the health of your eyes. Even lifestyle habits like exercise are very helpful to the eyes and the heart.

So far we have seen the enormous interconnection between the health of your eyes and the health of your heart. Now, can see how your eyes and your heart are interconnected?

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