Presbyopia In Developing Countries And How You Can Help

Eyesight makes life beautiful! But, like everything else, our sense of vision also deteriorates with age. Also known as “aging eye condition”, presbyopia results in the inability of a person to focus up close. It might not appear to be something serious, but the irony is that at a global level, especially in developing countries where people don’t have access to even basic health care, the problem of presbyopia is fairly serious.

In this post we are going to take a look at some of the facts about this eye condition that you need to know.

It is a natural problem

First things first, presbyopia is something that comes naturally with age. There might be other diseases associated with the cause of this eye condition, but generally it occurs because of the hardening of the lens over the years due to changes in the condition of eye lens, as well as muscle fibers present around the lens. It usually tends to appear during the 40s and worsens with age.

It can be easily diagnosed

A routine examination by your eye doctor can help you figure out whether you have presbyopia or not. It takes only around 30 minutes in which the eye experts can examine the strength of your lens, iris and pupil and reach a conclusion whether you are suffering from this eye condition or not.

It cannot be cured

The worst thing about presbyopia is that there is no cure for this dreaded condition. The vision of the person can be corrected by glasses and contact lenses. The optometrist can recommend which lens is needed to correct the vision. Generally, half eye glasses that leave the top part open for uncorrected distance vision, are used for people suffering from presbyopia. Bifocals have also become a popular choice over the recent few years.

Not a deadly condition, but presbyopia can be really irritating as it affects your ability to see and focus on objects. The treatment is fairly easy, like mentioned before; it requires just a pair of glasses.

But the saddest thing is that in developing countries people don’t have access to even this level of health care, forget about advanced problems related to their life and health. Although there are steps being taken by national and local governments to improve the problems people face due to presbyopia, it can never happen until we do something that can be of help.

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