Summer Eye Infections To Watch Out For

The summer is in full swing. Interestingly, summer is known as the season of eye infections. The likes of eye allergies, Dry Eye, Conjunctivitis, and Stye are common problems we can experience during the summer months. Let us, therefore, take some time to look at these summer eye conditions.

Let us start with Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis is popularly known as red eye, or pink eye. This condition happens to all of us at one or another. In we contract Conjuctivitis, our eyes become itchy and watery. Even worse, this condition can infect both eyes.

Conjunctivitis is contagious so you should exercise the utmost caution to avoid direct contact with an infected person or sharing objects with them. If you yourself are infected, get to en eye doctor immediately and realize that your condition is easily spread to others. In most cases, this eye condition is caused by fungal or bacterial infection. Visiting an eye doctor would be very helpful in this regards.

Eye Allergies are very common during summer

It is true that your eyes are significantly sensitive to the air that prevails in summer. This is owing to the elevated levels of pollen and pollutants littering the air. All these can cause your eyes to react with allergies. These allergies are common during summer and include a burning sensation, itching and redness as well.

Another summer eye condition is Stye

Basically, Stye as an infection is bacterial. Stye could be responsible for the swelling of your eyelids, most particularly depicted as a red tender bump occurring at the edge of your eyelid. Stye is commonly found among children. Among the common symptoms of stye is painful swelling, as well as redness of the eye. In most cases, Stye will not affect both of your eyes at the same time.

Dry Eye are also common during summer

Dry Eye can easily become exacerbated during the summer months. This occurs because the added hear is more effective in drying already dry eyes. In the case where you already suffer dry eye, summer comes with an increased vulnerability for you. You could experience a discomforting burning irritation when this eye condition arises. Just make sure to visit your eye doctor and to keep a steady supply of eye drops available that are specifically designed to help with Dry Eye.

While these said eye conditions are short-lived, they can be undoubtedly discomforting. You can reasonably cut down on these summer eye conditions by protecting your eyes cautiously. Also, try to reduce contact with people already suffering from some of these eye diseases that are infectious. Ultimately a faithfully observed periodic visit to your eye doctor can keep your eyes healthy all through this season. You can never care too much for your eyes, you know!

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