How Pregnancy Can Affect Your Eyesight

Pregnancy is a lovely period of time for the family. A new arrival is coming in and the party is getting set. Everyone loves a baby, right? The exhilaration is more enthusing for the mother, as we all know very few bonds on earth are stronger than the mother-child connection.

So you are pregnant now, as the baby grows in your womb your body as well. There are many indications of an advanced formation of a baby in a woman. These indications vary across women. While some could experience flattening feet, others could experience swelling ankles. In other cases, ligament pains are prevalent. While these cases are popular, many women are oblivious to the fact that their eyes, too, undergo changes when they are pregnant.

The possible stimulant for these changes in vision can be that their body is now retaining fluids, or it be could be that their hormone levels are rapidly changing. These causative factors would go back to their normal amounts when the baby is successfully delivered.

Therefore the changes in your eyesight that accompany your pregnancy eventually subside after giving birth. Some women, unaware of the transient nature of these changes in eyesight, might seek out more invasive forms of treatment.

One of the most common changes one could notice in their eyes while pregnant is dry eyes. Dry eye in most cases is promulgated by fluctuating hormone levels. While glasses may not be the best solution to pregnancy-inspired dry eyes, eye drops offer a solution as temporary relief.

However, the most natural and reliable way out is reducing such dry eye effects is through calculated meals. Integrating more vitamins into meals could be very helpful. Other than vitamins, food with a healthy composition of omega-3 fatty acids for example, can still be very helpful. Fish has such omega-3 fatty acids, as do walnuts and flax seed oil. All these foods will greatly help in lessening the effects of the dry eyes.

It would be important to reiterate that as a pregnant woman, having dry eyes is not the perfect excuse to leap into a fish party. The composition of mercury in fish calls for moderation in your consumption.

However, it is not only dry eyes that could be experienced during pregnancy. Sometimes the disruption in eyesight may be more intense. In such aggravated cases, one can experience blurry vision. This is more serious than fluctuating hormones levels. In such circumstance of where vision begins to blur, it could be from increased blood pressure. In other cases, it could be more serious and the blurry vision could be promulgated by gestational diabetes. In such cases, it would be more appropriate to consult with an eye doctor.

If you’re expecting, your eyes need to be in good shape at least through pregnancy to childbirth. After all, no one deserves to see your baby’s face clearer than you.

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