Dangerous Toys For Your Child’s Eyes

Childhood is truly one of the happiest moments of our entire lives. The peace, the carefree lifestyle which is meant to accompany this stage of life for all children, are immeasurable. Therefore, every child deserves to enjoy this stage of their lives, right? Yes, they are not certainly not going to have it twice. They should gather as much language as they can cope with. And they should play with as many toys as they can find. But is every toy really safe for your little one?

As much fun and excitement a toy may seem, and as much as a child may beg for his/her sparkling toy of choice, would you compromise the safety of their eyes by bringing a toy that could damage their eyesight into their environment? Definitely no.

Statistics from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reveal that approximately 250,000 children are checked into emergency departments in the US annually due to toy-related injuries. More catastrophically, a troublesome percentage of these injuries are eye injuries, with some of these injuries even spiralling into a permanent loss of vision.

As scary as it may sound, as a parent you should exercise caution in buying toys for your kids. Let us look at some of the toys which could be dangerous to the eyes of your little ones.

The toy guns that shoot projectiles

As much as they are fun, they are nonetheless potentially dangerous for your eyes. Toy guns shoot projectiles like cushy darts or lightweight projectiles to a distance of about 75 feet. These toy guns are a blaring danger to the eyes of your children, especially the darts that could be propelled at enormous velocity with the potency of causing a serious eye injury. The dangers these toy guns pose to your child and their eyes are more emboldened when these toys used indoors at close range. If your kids want to play with these guns, make sure they do so under close supervision and with the use of protective eyewear.

Water balloons are very dangerous to the eyes of your kids

Water balloons are boxes of excitement for kids right? But they are avidly dangerous for your child’s eyes should they be thrown with enough velocity. The jet of water emanating from powerful gushes of the water projecting from an exploding water balloon in the eyes are simply dangerous for your child’s eyesight. In some cases, water balloons have caused retinal detachment, while in worse cases these water balloons have caused permanent blindness.

Aerosol strings are not the best playthings to get your kid

Aerosol string basically contains a delicate chemical that should not mindlessly be lavished on kids. For one thing, aerosol string is constituted of a chemical which can prompt irritation in the eye. This chemical could also instigate a version of pink eye more generally termed chemical conjunctivitis. The risks of having aerosol strings around kids increase when they are used at close range. In such cases, they can cause serious corneal abrasion resulting in dangerous eye infections. If your kids to want to play with aerosol strings, make sure they wear protective eyewear.

Of course, there are other children’s toys that you should be mindful of as a parent. These include laser pointers, sabers and even bright flashlights. In all, we see that it is not domineering as a parent to clamp down on the types of toys your child plays with.

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