How Can You Maintain The Longevity Of Your Eyeglasses?

The lifespan of your eye glasses is deeply rooted in how well you take care of them. Let us look at simple practices you can conveniently take that will go a long way in upholding the functionality of your glasses.

The first step to keeping your glasses in the best condition possible is by habitually clearing them. Your glasses have to stay clean as much as possible. After all, they are eyewear for your eyes, hence they shouldn’t be treated with any less delicacy. When you make a regular endeavor of cleaning your glasses, it sustains the best and most durable performance of your frames. And when your lenses are clear, you enjoy the full and lovely benefits of their functionality. So how can you clean your lenses?

Once in a while, you should rinse your glasses with lukewarm water

This is very helpful as your glasses are naturally susceptible to the accumulation of dust and debris. This is why you should carefully clean them regularly to remove unwelcomed particles that could get into your eyes.

Make a healthy practice of washing your hands

Certainly you are going to wash your lens, but you should wash your hands first. This way, you are not inadvertently washing the dirt from your hands into your glasses.

You can also apply a dishwashing liquid to your lens

A dishwashing liquid is also helpful for cleaning your glasses. But it is important that your dishwashing liquid is lotion-free. Dishwashing liquids tend to leave a residue on your lenses and they tend to be concentrated. If you don’t happen to rinse your glasses thoroughly, you run the risk of getting some of the remnants of the dishwashing liquid into your eyes. It would neither be wise. nor safe, to apply such concentrated soap to your lens directly. Instead, apply to your fingertips first.

Clean lens and frames properly, using a towel having no lint

Oil and debris can become lodged in many parts of your eyeglasses, so be sure to clean your glasses extensively, even the frames. After cleaning, you can mop your glasses with a small piece of cotton towel. Ensure this piece of towel has no lint in its composition.

Keep your glasses in their cases for protection when not using

Keeping your glasses in a protective case when not using them helps you avoid scratches or damage to the lenses or frames. So, make a habit of placing your glasses in their protective cases when not using them!

The long-term functionality of your glasses depends on the kind of care you give them. Glasses don’t last forever, but if you take care of them using some of the suggestions above, you’ll be able to keep yours around much longer!

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