Could You Have Hurt Your Eyes On Halloween?

So Halloween has come and gone for the year and you probably had loads of merriment. Surely our costumes were amazingly horrific and macabre. Many of us didn’t stop with costumes alone, and we took the fun to the maximum.

One of the ways that we take our costume to the extreme is by using novelty contact lenses to heighten the effect of our look. But really how safe was the fake contact lens you wore this Halloween? If we transcend the befuddling merriment associated with Halloween, we see that by wearing such quick and ready assortment for the occasion, we risk scratching our lovely eyes. Technically this is termed corneal abrasion. If aggravated, its effects may spill into infections, redness in the eyes, blurry vision and possible pain.

What could make these contact lenses even worse for your eyesight is if you slept with them still in your eyes. This is a danger to your eyes because they need oxygen. Novelty contact lenses, if left in too long, can cause extensive damage to your eyes by depriving them of oxygen.

This piece is of course not meant to scare you unnecessarily. Rather, it is to make you aware of the risks involved with using novelty contact lenses. If you have any worries, by all means take the time to go in to your eye doctor.

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