What Makes Your Eyes Itch?

Itchy eyes is one experience that a lot of us are familiar with. In some conditions, the itching irritation is accompanied with swollen eyes. In other situations, the itching extends into a red coloration of the eye.

The root cause for itchy eyes differ however. In most popular cases, itchy eyes can be triggered by allergies. These allergies can be dust, or even something as trivial as pollen. But behind simple allergies, the metabolic details of the irritation entails the release of compounds termed histamines into the eyes (precisely the tissues surrounding the eyes). The dissemination of these histamines culminates into your eyes itching, and even reddening.

What could be the cause of your itchy eyes

There is not one singularized kind of itchy eyes. They come in a variety. However, the allergies responsible for propagating the itchy eyes condition fall under two categories. The first are allergies that are periodic. These come in specific intervals of the year, most especially during fall and spring. The case of itchy eyes promulgated by pollen related allergies are common during spring. This is when there is an extended leap in the pollen count outdoor, especially when grass is starting to grow more profusely. The second category is that of allergies which last throughout the year. The allergies causing these sustained itchy eyes are in most common cases dust or mold. In some situations also, itchy eyes can result from your eye reacting to a product you are using. Sometimes itchy eyes can be a reaction to a cream, lotion or even soap that you are using.

In other conditions, allergies are not the principal culprits. Your eyes could be burning when itching, this may not necessarily be caused by allergies. Such conditions could be incited by the dry eye syndrome. In other scenarios, such as your eyelids getting red, could stem from blepharitis. Delving into details, blepharitis is caused commonly by bacteria or some very minute mites that reside on the human eyelids. People suffering itchy eyes feel discomfort when they wear contact lenses, sometimes an extended usage of one contact lens without renewing can result in itchy eyes.

What solution can you possibly adopt

There is not a generalist approach to treating itchy eyes. Yet one quick, common remedy is the application of a damp cloth (make sure it is clean and quite cold) over your eyes. This could reduce how serious the situation is.

Also, do your best to avoid the tendency to rub your itchy eyes. This is actually dangerous as it has the ability to release more histamines into your eyes and thus worsen the situation. The best solution for itchy eyes is that which directly addresses the root cause of the allergy. Therefore, in the situation where your itchy eyes are not caused by all those periodic allergies, you would want to avoid using allergy drops. In other cases, the solution could come in the form of anti-inflammatory medication, or even using antibiotics. The best approach is to seek the professional services of your eye doctor. He/she would know best what resort to take after duly examining you.