5 Things The Health Of Your Eyes Can Tell You About The Health Of Your Body

That the eyes are the window to the soul is not any distant from the truth. Your eyes are also a window into the state of your health. That is to say, your eyes send messages about the atmosphere inside you and whether all is well with you or not. Let us look at some messages your eyes can send you about your health.

Blurred vision could mean diabetes is not too far off

In most natural circumstances, having blurred vision suggests that you may really be in need of glasses. But sometimes the situation could be deeper than that presumptive approach of getting eyeglasses. At times, such a condition may indicate that you possibly have, are developing diabetes. Research has indicated that people with diabetes tend to suffer blurred vision. Some three years ago, the research revealed in a survey carried out on diabetes patients that 73% of these patients were being afflicted with diabetes. So if you are having a recurrent blurred vision, the solution may transcend eyeglasses.

Eyes can tell if your blood pressure is dangerously high

Sometimes the disruptive effects of high blood pressure can have significant side effects on your eyes and wreck damage on your retina. This condition is termed hypertensive retinopathy. It is rather unfortunate that one is not able to tell if he/she is a patient to this condition by simply examining their eyes in the mirror. That is why an eye checkup is of immense importance. Having these checkups habitually can give you that early tip-off that would become the one quick stitch that actually saves your eyesight.

Your eyes can tell you of your cholesterol levels

Yes, your eyes can signal how safe your cholesterol level is. Most times when our eye colors change, the easy suspicion is that we are aging rather quickly. But in some cases it may be worse. It might mean that your cholesterol level is dangerously high. One way you can tell this from your eyes is when you begin to note the formation of a white ring in the region of your corneal arcus. If you are unsure of your cholesterol levels, you should visit your eye doctor for more details so as to stall any further deterioration.

Eyes can tell if you are getting too much exposure to sun

Eyes can be sensitive to solar radiation. In most cases, with exposure to sunlight our eyes can form a yellow coloration on the iris, particularly the white side. This is termed pinguecula. At other times, it manifests as bumps on the said location on the iris. So when you begin noticing these patches, maybe it could be time to pay that ophthalmologist a necessary visit

Your eyes can tell if you are having allergies.

Sometimes allergies may cause unusual dryness in our eyes. This can shows up on the skin surrounding the eyes as well. In some cases you feel compelled to rub your eyes habitually. These symptoms could mean that you are suffering allergies and that your eyes, and the area around the eyes, are affected by allergies.

In conclusion, keep in mind that your eye will often give signals if something is wrong, not only with them, but your overall health. When you hear these messages, reply by visiting the ophthalmologist quickly.