How Drinking Too Much Alcohol Will Damage Your Eyes Today

No doubt a little wine is helpful to the metabolism of your body. But when you step out of moderation and into overconsumption territory, you are opening yourself to health damages. Habitual alcohol lovers can attest to the fact that their bodies are steadily dilapidating. But aside from the damage alcohol does to our bodies, it damages your eyes in particular. The damage also appears immediately, as well as over time if your consumption is overdone consistently. This means heavy intake of alcohol has the capacity to wreak havoc on your eyes today, as well as a far distant tomorrow.

On the immediate end, let’s say one evening that you take a few too many shots, or empty that bottle of delicious red wine, over enjoy too many margaritas and what not. The alcohol will already be punching hard at your eyes. One of the ways alcohol affects you on the immediate end is that you begin to notice your pupils take more than normal to react. Naturally, your pupils are very responsive with great agility to react instantaneously to changes in light exposure. Thus, your iris should have rapid constriction and apt dilation as well. But when alcohol is too heavily present in your system, your pupils lose this responsive speed. Hence, you begin to see that it is more difficult for your eyes to adjust to quick variations in lighting intensity. For example, it will take your eyes longer to respond to a quick rush of light into your eyes as you drive at night, and this is even after you have recovered from overconsumption.

In other cases, your eyes will struggle to decipher objects based on the quantity of light. Imagine again that you are driving. You should be able to see objects in light hours and somewhat well in darker hours. But with an unhealthy alcohol drinking habit, you will see more problems in the capacity of your eyes to make adjustments based on brightness as well as contrast.

Another way alcohol will affect you today is in worsening the dryness of the eyes. Your body needs fluids for its right and fluent functionality, but alcohol has its way of sapping the body of these vital fluids, triggering a dehydration of your body. When you drink alcohol in a quantity that can be seen as excessive, it could trigger a deficiency of vital vitamins in your body. Alcohol is particularly notorious for instigating the deficiency of Vitamin A. This is a chief culprit in the dryness of eyes we previously talked about. This can also dangerously evolve into night blindness, even spilling into complete blindness from the indelible damage caused to your retina over time.

One other immediate consequence of heavy alcohol drinking is that it brings aboutĀ Myokymia. This is a condition where the eye twitches abnormally.

In the end, alcohol can be more than enjoyable if consumed in moderation, but your enemy on all too many levels if overconsumption becomes a frequent habit. So, mind your alcohol intake! Always remember for every bottoms up cheers, you are moving closer towards irrevocable damage on your precious eyesight.