Champion Organizations Bringing Eye Care To People Around The World

If we talk on a global level, there are more than 670 million people who have gone blind because they were unable to afford a simple eye examination. The majority of this number comes from underdeveloped countries. Although there are quite a number of organizations that are working towards bringing eye care facilities to these parts of the world, there is still a lot that needs to be done.

Just as the Give Me Sight Foundation, under the leadership of Dr. John Haines, has been doing to spread awareness about common factors causing blindness and treating people who are already suffering from it, there are plenty of other names and organizations who are contributing to similar philanthropic endeavors.

In this article, we are going to talk about a few such organizations which are working towards eliminating the barriers of poverty to bring basic eye care and treatment facilities to the people who need it most around the world. Let us take a look at them –

Optometry Giving Sight

Fighting blindness due to refractive errors, Optometry Giving Sight supports programs that offer eye exams and glasses to people in underdeveloped countries. They also work towards creating infrastructure and providing human resources in such places which require sustainable eye care. The following is a video of Optometry Giving Sight’s I Care & Share initiative.

American Academy of Optometry Foundation

Founded in the year 1947, the American Academy of Optometry Foundation has been working towards eradicating the problem related to preventive eye care diseases at a global level. The foundation holds a long history for working towards fostering and promoting optometric education on a holistic level.

TFOS – Blink Around The World

Another noteworthy contributor in this list is TFOS – Blink Around The World. As a global company launched by TFOS, the organization has been working towards promoting the importance of eye-health and has also been supporting research in this area by collaborating with researchers, scientists and clinicians from all over the world.

The Vision of Children Foundation

Another name that we cannot afford to leave out of this list is The Vision of Children Foundation. Working towards the eradication of childhood blindness and vision disorders by birth since 1990, the organization has been serving as an informational resource, support network, sponsor and lot more. They have even developed a software program to help visually impaired students in their education as well. The following is a beautiful video of The Vision of Children Foundation’s work:

These are just a few of the names that are working towards eradicating the challenge of blindness from global society. We are sure you might have also heard about such organizations, if not having been involved in one already. Thanks to noble organizations like these, there are plenty of people who still have the hope to see how beautiful this world is.