Inspire People To Celebrate The Gift Of Sight

It’s not always about doing what is right. Sometimes it becomes more important to inspire people to do what is right as well. The Give Me Sight Foundation is an organization that wants to inspire people to fight against preventable blindness and return the gift of sight to people around the world

A big part of the population from around the world has problems related to sight, out of which cataract is the most common name. You would be amazed to know that there are close to 300 million people in the world who have impaired vision. This is not the story about developing countries. Blindness and visual impairment is as serious an issue in developed countries as it is in developing ones.

Thanks to the example of Dr. John Haines, who is playing his part to not just spread awareness about preventable blindness, we can all make a difference to ensure quality of life for people we’ll almost certainly never see.

What does Give Me Sight do?

The organization, under the leadership of Dr. John Haines, has been working towards raising awareness to return the gift of sight to people from around the world. He has been passionately joined by his wife for close to half a decade now and they have been working together in the form of Give Me Sight to make people to spread the awareness.

Dr. Haines who is a seasoned ophthalmologist from Eugene, Oregon, with over 25 years of experience as an ophthalmologist, is helping people to not just raise awareness about eye sight problems like cataract, but also pterygium and strabismus.

A little about cataract

Cataract is a medical condition in which the vision of a person is impaired. It is generally a condition which is associated with age, but there are other factors that also contribute to the rise of cataract.

However, if detected at the right time it could be surgically treated. But a big problem is that many parts of the world’s population suffer from cataract and are unable to get the surgery done because of financial constraints. This is the reason that they have ultimately face vision loss.

But thanks to organizations like Give Me Sight things are changing. The organization works by performing free cataract surgeries, under the able leadership of Dr. Haines, and has brought back the gift of sight for thousands of individuals over the years.

Not just making people aware, but inspiring others as well

The Give Me Sight Foundation, and Dr. Haines, are not just making people aware and fighting the battle against curable blindness, but with their sincere work they are inspiring others to take on the challenge as well.

If you want to be a part of this challenge, please make a simple, tax deductible donation to our cause. You’ll be bringing the power of positivity and immense gratitude to people who will literally have their lives restored!

If donating is not in your budget, then kindly consider sharing this article with your social networks. Together, we can do this.