Appreciate The Things We Have

Remember, always appreciate the things you have. Eyes are the most prized possession for human body. And the sense of sight is perhaps the most beautiful one. Without it we would not be able to appreciate the amazing beauty in all that surrounds us. But do we really appreciate our eyes on a daily basis? Do we really care about people who don’t have the gift of sight? Or let’s put it this way – do we ever think how we could help people who don’t have the ability to see?

Give Me Sight FoundationYou will be amazed to know that millions of people lose their eyesight because of dreaded medical conditions like cataract. The worst part is that people lose their eyesight because of the unawareness about this medical condition and not having the resources to get the treatment. But thanks to the rise of organizations like the Give Me Sight Foundation, and people like Dr. John Haines, the awareness is spreading.

The Give Me Sight Foundation, under the leadership of Dr. Haines, has been making more and more people aware of the adversities that cataract spreads, and how it leads to blindness. Dr. Haines and the Give Me Sight Foundation are on a mission to help return the gift of sight to as many people around the world as possible  and to spread smiles on the faces of as many people as possible.

How they are doing it?

By conducting awareness sessions and inspiring people to donate precious funds to the mission. Over the years they have inspired thousands of people to join them in this mission. And even today they continue to do so.

They join hands with the local doctors to organize camps, events and sessions where they carry out free surgeries for cataract patients. Not only do they organize free cataract surgery camps, but they also make sure that the local doctors continue to work permanently after the camp as well.

If you want to do something good and leave a lasting legacy, donating to this mission can be a wonderful thing! People like Dr. Haines are doing their bit, but together we can accomplish a lot more. If people like you join hands with them and take on this challenge to root out blindness caused due to cataract, then the gift of sight we be delivered to more people the world over.

Just think about it by appreciating the eyesight you have. If you value your eyesight, just imagine how much others value theirs as well. Click here to donate to our cause.