sabrina1Sabrina Toro, Phd
Give Me Sight Foundation

Originally from Liège, Belgium, Sabrina has been involved with the Give Me Sight Foundation since the beginning of 2015. She first learned about Dr. Haines and his missions restoring vision to the cataract blind through the artists who have been participating in the annual GMSF fundraiser. The GMSF profits from her background as a researcher in biology with her painstaking attention to detail and her questioning nature. Sabrina’s valuable contribution to the Foundation includes coordinating the stage performances for the “Night for Sight” and her active and supportive board presence.

Sabrina has a PhD in Biology from the Université de Liège. She worked as a research associate at the Institute of Neuroscience at the University of Oregon and is currently a scientific curator at ZFIN (Zebrafish Model Organism Database) at the University of Oregon.

Involving our local musicians in Dr. Haines’ philanthropic fundraiser, ‘Night for Sight’, enriches our community and at the same time supports local artists and helps restore vision to the world’s cataract blind.” Sabrina Toro