Are You Protecting Your Eyes This Summer?

Summer comes with all the splendor of warmness that permeates the great outdoors. The wealth of sunlight we are lavished with during this period is exciting, making outdoor activities more enjoyable. However, aside from all this, you should be rightly worried about the health of your eyes this season.  As is typical during the full glare of the summer, daily UV exposures rack as far as 11-15 on the UV Index scale. It thus becomes a crucial obligation that you focus on How well are you protecting your eyes this summer. Let us, therefore, learn some concrete ways you can protect your eyes during the summer.

In the summer, wear sunglasses – even on cloudier days

Admittedly, sunglasses are an armor for the eyes during summer. The reality we are stuck in is that when our eyes are sustainably exposed to UV radiations, it could cause significant distortion to our eyesight. This could trigger cataracts and even in worst cases permanent damage to our eyesight. That said, in the summer months, you should still wear your sunglasses on cloudier days, as there may still be significant UV content in the solar radiation. Wear your sunglasses as much as possible when outdoors and make sure they protect you from both UVB rays and UVA rays.

Don’t swim without your goggles either

An aquatic life luxuriously suits summer as we bask in the pleasure of swimming against the heat of the energetic sun.  There is enough reason to worry for the chlorine adequately contained in the swimming pool, which is not the healthiest for your eyes. Aside from swimming in artificial waterbodies, when you swim in lakes and rivers,  you also stand the risk of exposing your eyes to bacteria.

Wear a hat!

On sunny days, your face and neck can be very exposed to sunlight and a good sun drenching can more than harm your vision – it can damage your skin and cause premature aging. So, in addition to your sunglasses, consider wearing a hat to bring that added line of defense to both your eyes and your skin.

Don’t stop drinking that water

In the summer, dehydration is not an unlikely eventuality, especially when your body parts with more fluids than it brings in much more quickly than in the cooler months. Consequently, this definitely has an adverse effect on your vision. Drinking loads of refreshing water in the summer can be of great help in this regard. Drinking lots of water is also great for your overall health, as it keeps your bodily system better detoxified.

Finally, as the summer rages, make sure to faithfully carry out your regular eye checkup exams for you and your family. No amount of care or caution is too much for our eyes right?

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