12644931_10153162707745194_838865824238538678_nMatt Classen is a business consultant specializing in creating organizational cultures of excellence. He was first hired by Dr. Haines to revitalize his private practices. As a part of that project, Matt agreed to deliver pro bono work to help build the Give Me Sight Foundation, as well as deliver a consistent and coherent communication strategy that would help attract and sustain community engagement.

Matt was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon and graduated from the University of Oregon. In 2001 he moved to the Netherlands to study for an MBA. After graduation, he found a position in corporate strategy and policy for Deutsche Telekom AG in Bonn, Germany. In 2007 he moved to Oslo, Norway to found his own consulting business providing services as diverse as innovation processes, business development, brand development, communication strategy and change management.

In November, 2014, Matt moved back to Eugene, Oregon to be closer to his family and to found a business consultancy, this time in Oregon. Matt is currently executive producing a documentary that will feature this year’s mission to Thailand and Myanmar.