joy01Joy Haines, R.N.
Co-Founder, Vice Chair, & Treasurer
Give Me Sight Foundation

Joy Haines and her husband founded the Give Me Sight Foundation in 2012. As a R.N. working in surgical specialties in California and Oregon for 30 + years, she takes a hands-on approach to the GMSF’s medical missions. Her extensive travels throughout Asia have given her a deep understanding of the plight of those served by the work of the Foundation. Joy’s business degree from NWCU aids in the governance and stewardship of the GMSF. She collaborates closely with the other trustees to engage the community and promote the GMSF’s mission, both here and abroad. Joy is passionate about reaching out to the families being served during the medical missions. She believes that respecting other cultures begins with understanding their richly lived traditions. Joy is committed to continuing the invaluable work of the Foundation and bringing awareness of the approximately 35 million cataract blind worldwide to our community and beyond.

“The cataract blind are dependent on their families for survival.  Giving them the gift of sight not only helps the patient but removes the need for a caregiver. This has a twofold effect: The patient regains freedom and independence; the caregiver is freed to become a contributing member of the family.” Joy Haines