Is Fatigue Why Dark Circles Form Under Our Eyes?

It is quite odd when those dark circles appear under our eyes. In most cases, such dark circles are generally associated with tiredness, extended fatigue or a lack of rest. However, the factual reality exceeds simple tiredness or a deficiency of sleep.

Basically, the area of skin under our eyes doesn’t boast equal thickness as other regions of your body. Bringing in the figures, the average thickness of the skin under your eyes is about 0.5mm. The other areas of the body range about 2mm thickness. With the thinness of tissue in mind, it gets understandable why we easily see the blood vessels under the skin under your eyes. Hence the skin appears darker under the eyes.

A popular misconception strongly ties fatigue with these dark circles. Yet a larger range of issues can cause these dark circles. Firstly, allergies can cause these dark circles. This is more particular in those situations where your body releases histamines when reacting to these allergies. In those cases, there could be a dilation of your eye vessels, and when dilated eye vessels are the case, dark circles appear more glaringly under your eyes.

There are also situations of these dark circles brought on by eczema. When eczema occurs and you do the customary scratching and rubbing of your eyes (the region being already sensitive) one can suffer breakage of some blood vessels, and then the dark circles become more apparent. Being exposed to the sun for a sustained amount of time can also cause these dark patches to permeate the region under your eyes. How does this happen?

In those situations where your skin lacks protection from the sun, there is an increased production of melanin in our bodies. The elevated levels of melanin production can add an extra pigmented tone to the skin under our eyes making it appear relatively darker. Even some peculiar conditions like Periorbital hyperpigmentation can cause more melanin to be produced in the region around your eyes. There are those scenarios where these dark circles are hereditary. Genes can go a long way in imposing these dark circles on you naturally. And then, as we age, the skin under our eyes adds more darkness.

Nonetheless, having dark eyes shouldn’t give you a reason to be worried, as you can readily address this issue. In most common cases, dark circles can be effectively taken care of via cold compresses. This reduces the puffiness while helping to relax the dilation of the eye vessels. This explains why many people often resort to placing cucumbers slices on the eyes when they have dark circles under their eyes. Wearing your sunscreen can also be of significant help to your eyes in this regard.

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