How Should You Clean Your Eyeglasses?

Regardless of the fact that you shuffle between your contacts lens and your glasses, it doesn’t absolve you of the non-negotiable responsibility of cleaning and taking good care of your glasses. For one thing, it takes quite a voluptuous effort to find that prescription glasses that perfectly suit you. Finding one is such a great investment that you should ensure that the glasses last as long as they can. Therefore, let us examine some tips on how to take better care of our prescription glasses by cleaning them.

Truthfully, glass cleaning is a delicate business with a constitution of dos and don’ts. Ideally, the journey of cleaning your glasses begins with cleaning your hands. For this, you could use dishwashing liquid to wash your hands. A lotion-free soap would also be helpful to ensure your hand is not adulterated with dirt and grime preventing the further transfer of such to your glasses.

Also, you would do well to rinse your prescription glasses with lukewarm water. When you are through rinsing, you can make a simple mixture of dish soap and warm water possibly creating a lather. You could use in cleaning the nose pads, the frames as well as the lenses. Once you are confident it is clean enough, you can then gently-shake the glasses do dispatch with most of the water. Next, you would apply dutiful caution in gently drying your glasses. For this drying procedure, it is best you use a lint-free cloth; most especially ensure that it is clean.

Why glass cleaning may look like one of the easiest things to do, even with your eyes shut, a little mistake could trigger such tremendous damages that most times would even be irreparable. This is because naturally, glasses are fragile deserving the most affectionate of tender care. Now, what shouldn’t you do when cleaning your glasses?

First don’t risk cleaning your glasses with ammonia, vinegar or even bleach. A window cleaner also in this regard is a screaming no-no. This is because these substances have the capacity to hamper your lens coating even damaging the lens itself. Moreover, it is not safe to use hot water in cleaning them, this also has the capacity to damage the lens coating.

One common careless habit is wiping your glasses without initially rinsing them. The reality is that dust and even the tiniest particle of dirt can settle on your lens. Now, when you wipe your lenses (when they are dry) without first rinsing them, you risk the possibility of creating a scratch which is bad news for the lenses.

Also resist the temptation to dry your glasses after rinsing with a paper napkin, or even paper towel or just anything dirty. Optimally use cotton for such otherwise you again run the risk of scratches and eventually damaging the lenses. In all these are some good ways to take care of your glass and the bad ways to avoid or as well.

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