Eye Inflammations and Your Meals

Many eye conditions that we suffer are in most cases precipitated by inflammation in the eyes. It would astonish you that a lot of the foods we eat are connected with the incitement (or control as the case may be) of these inflammations in the eye. The reality is that most of the foods we eat are alarmingly concentrated in calories, as well as in sugars. Before we look at the kinds of meals that cause eye inflammation, let us examine a little more about what these eye inflammations are.

One of the variants of eye inflammation we should be looking at is uveitis. Uveitis generally encompasses a class of eye inflammatory conditions. Uveitis is more prevalent among persons within the ages of 20-50. From the name, we can see that this eye condition is well connected to the uvea. Sounds quite technical right?

Simply put, the uvea consists of the ciliary body, the choroid and the iris. Now, the uvea is such a delicate part of your eye, which ideally should should not suffer inflammation. As said, uveitis can trigger advanced eye conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, retinal detachment, cataracts and even glaucoma. In other cases, uveitis can prompt retina swelling and even the clouding of your retina.

The sad thing is that once your uvea begins to house inflammation, your retina becomes very vulnerable to damage. Inflammation in the eyes as predominant on the uvea can negatively affect your optic nerve even triggering permanent blindness in some cases.

Inflammation of the eye can be noticed and detected before it spirals out of control. Some of the symptoms include redness in your eyes, pains in your eyes or the formation of more obvious floaters. However, this uveitis is not infectious.

Another eye condition that can be strongly linked to inflammation in the eyes is inflammatory glaucoma. In fact, no less than 3 people in 5 people who suffer uveitis degenerate into inflammatory glaucoma. This is even more prominent with those already having eye conditions like uveitis. The trabecular meshwork of your eyes possibly gets clogged as a result of swelling of the uvea.

The good thing, however, is that you can protect your eyes from these inflammation and sister eye diseases with a more conscientious selection of the foods you eat. On a natural note, foods which contain fats and sugars are most likely to invite inflammations to your eyes.

Looking at more tips, should you choose to stick to your beloved high-calorie foods, make sure to douse them a bit with fresh, raw vegetables. Now, talking about how you integrate these vegetables, try to steer clear of veggies dripping with cream oils. Steamed vegetables would be much better.

Another thing you could cut down is the consumption of deserts, however deliciously and addictive they are. Build a strong consumption relationship with foods like fatty fish, olive oil, tomatoes and leafy green vegetables. They are vehement in the prevention of eye inflammations in general.

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