Could You Be Battling Dry Eyes?

Are you among the community of people struggling with dry eyes? Have you been possibly facing reoccurring blurred vision, becoming affectionately tied to the unending use of eye drops, the hurting sensitivity to light and even facing the battle of wearing contact lenses? Then the probability is high that you are suffering from an eye condition termed keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS). In the layman parlance, this is better referred to as the Dry Eye Syndrome.

Now, while tears may seem to accompany emotions, Dry Eye tears (more precisely called basal tears) perform a biological function of protecting your eyes and ensuring their lubrication. These basal tears are always present in the eyes, which plays a very big role in keeping your eyes from getting dry. Your body produces an average of 6 to 7 ounces of basal tears on a daily basis. This is such that anytime you happen to blink your eyes, tears spread through the cornea washing the surface of your eyes, thereby keeping them dry.

Now, this dry eye condition occurs when there is not an appropriate balance between the way your eye produces the tears and the way it drains the tears. In most cases, the drainage of tears outweighs the production of these basal tears. Unfortunately, an extended dry eye condition can lead to further deterioration of your eyes, making it very difficult to live your normal life through your professional and personal activities. Driving could become difficult, reading becomes more arduous and even watching television becomes a laborious passive activity.

One of the most prevalent dry eye syndromes we see is the Evaporative Dry Eye. This form is more promulgated by a deficiency of oil in your tears. Such a shortage of oil can be attributed to an obstruction in your eyelid glands. Hence, in face of this reality, your tears tend to evaporate faster than the pace they would normally. This Dry Eye syndrome is more common as you get older, or as you get susceptible to thyroid issues or other medical conditions, like diabetes.

Talking about the way out of Dry Eye, one of the most effective remedies is the LipFlow treatment. This approach is essentially drug-free. It involves the application of directed energy to eyelids located close to the glands which have been affected. Most particularly, the LipFlow method entails applying directed energy to the back of the eyelids while maintaining a bit of pressure from the front. This process can remove the blockage in the affected glands whilst giving the sufferer much-needed relief.

LipFlow has proven admirably effective in unblocking glands. Patients who undergo the LipFlow method tend to see a notable improvement in their meibomian gland. Most times it is this meibomian gland that is affected or blocked by the Evaporative dry eye condition. Aside from this LipFlow method, if you suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome, you should visit your eye doctor for more information about treatment.

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