Giving the gift of sight worldwide

On the Topic of Cataracts
Cataracts gradually obstruct the vision of all people from age 50 onwards. If not removed, people slowly become blind. In dev1Smiling guyeloping nations, economically underprivileged people often go blind through not being able to afford a cataract removal surgery. By the time the Give Me Sight Foundation is in a position to help, many have not seen clearly for years, and often times decades, due to cataract obstruction. By removing cataracts, a person who was once blind is able to see once again. This not only restores a person’s ability to see family, friends and the everyday beauty of natural surroundings, but restores independence, self-reliance, dignity and quality of life.

Our History
Dr. John HIMG_3131aines, an ophthalmologist from Eugene, Oregon, has passionately led cataract removal missions around the world for 25 years. In 2012, he and his wife, Joy, established The Give Me Sight Foundation as a mechanism to raise funds and expand the scope of our mission to return the gift of sight to even more people around the world.

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