The gift of sight is often taken for granted.

Almost 300 million people are visually impaired worldwide.
Many of these people have been blind for decades. When you give the gift of sight, you are not only helping the blind to see, but you are giving them independence, self-reliance, dignity and dramatically improved quality of life.

Will you help our cause?


And just in case you need some stunning visuals and highly inspiring reasons why we do what we do, simply watch the following documentary. In this film, we follow three patients, who are blind from cataracts, as the make their way from their homes and farms to Tipitaka Eye Hospital to get some help. Once there, they have their cataract removed, and eyesight restored, by Dr. John Haines, from Eugene, Oregon, and Dr. Somsran Watanachote from Bangkok, Thailand. This is an inspiring and empowering story the clearly tells you why what we do is so important for so many people.